Project title: Climate change in peatlands: Holocene record, recent trends and related impacts on biodiversity and sequestered carbon (CLIMPEAT)

Idea: Tree growth in peatlands is mainly affected by groundwater fluctuations, with a high water table resulting in lower oxygen uptake and more limited nutrient assimilation by the root system. As a consequence, woody vegetation dynamics in peatlands have been shown to be an integrator of past water table fluctuations. In addition, fossil tree stumps conserved in different peat layers constitue dense archives of Holocene climate history.

Aim: The CLIMPEAT project will hence explore the interconnections and interdependencies of peatlands ecosystems with climate (change), anthropogenic activity and sequestered carbon. It will contribute to the conservation and sustainable management of this resource through a better appraisal of impacts, and/or feedback loops between pedospheric, atmospheric, and anthropogenic activities.

Partners: Nature Research Centre (the Leading Party), University of Bern, Institute for Geological Sciences and Vilnius University

Duration: 2013-01 – 2016-0

Project budget:  2030813 Lt.

Funding sources: The project is funded by the Lithuanian-Swiss Cooperation Programme.